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Chupa Chups…
more than a lollipop

Since its launch in late fifties, Chupa Chups has conquered the taste, the mind and the heart of millions of consumers worldwide. It’ s a genuine brand with a strong and cheeky personality and eye catching colours. The huge popularity of the brand and its strong identity inspire a Life Less Serious style applied to a wide variety of products.


Chupa Chups gives people a happy feeling and our fans are eager to customize their look with the brand. Therefore we develop a whole universe of exciting products through licensing partnerships with leading companies in other sectors. A wide variety of lifestyle products is designed with the spirit and feel of the brand icons to allow brand lovers around the world to create their Chupa Chups look with streetwear, cosmetics and accessory collections or the latest Chupa Chups gadget.

Style Guides


Chupa Chups is serious about building a LESS SERIOUS LIFESTYLE. To create the genuine look of the brand we develop a huge variety of designs in a colourful pop style or a nostalgic vintage look. Our partners use a rich file of graphic elements inspired by our popular brand icons such as the logo, the lollipop and the wrapper. Discover here in a small selection how we take the essence of Chupa Chups to eye catching graphics. We hope you will enjoy it!